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Links to Other Sites

Electronic Plastic Germany Excellent site and collection - lots of pictures and games so don't miss it!

TricOTronic Classics Germany Overall a superb site, with everthing you need to know about classic Nintendo Games.

HandHeld Hustlers Belgium Another excellent site and collection - Tom Spilliaert has many game pictures

The Handheld Museum USA Simply put, the most exhaustive resource of vintage handhelds anywhere!

Taki's Game & Web Collection and Store USA A great site, a HUGE collection, lots of games for sale, and much more to see...

Game in Hand Classics USA A fun site with some sweet features, rarity info, pictures, and lots of games for sale too.

Watson's Price Guide Book USA Pricing guidebook for vintage electronic handheld games, don't leave home without it. USA The best source for information on one of the coolest handheld systems ever made.

LEDHEAD Emulators USA A great emulator of 11 different Mattel LED games, for Windows, Palm, or PocketPC!

Ben's Portable Atari 2600 USA The world's first Atari 2600 handheld game system. Truly imaginative and amazing!

Bleepy Toys Switzerland Awesome DK-52 designs on this cool collector site - check it out!

Handheld Free France A site with amazing design and graphics + a great selection of MIB games for sale

Fredrick's G&W Collection Sweden A great site of mostly nintendo games. He was one of the original G&W collecting gangstas!

Game & Watch Central Sweden The definitive resource for the fabulous and classic Nintendo Game and Watch series!

Geoffroy's G&W Site France Nice G&W site - games for sale, market value information, and more...

MADrigal's Simulators Italy Download some great handheld game simulations for your computer

Cal's G&W Center Australia Another nice Game and Watch page.

Jun Amano's Homepage Japan - A very nice site. Japanese text, and lots of nice pictures.

If you have a site about vintage electronic games and would like to have it added to this list, then feel free to contact us.